The work of God requires the power of God. I will not walk in the power of God unless I spend time in the presence of God.

About Me


My background


Dr. Mark Carpenter was born June 15, 1962 in Luling, 

Louisiana, 20 miles southwest of New Orleans. Though 

he did not grow up in a Christian home, he confessed 

the Lord Jesus at the age of 13 while at a Youth revival. 

In January of 1981 Mark surrendered to God’s call into 

the gospel ministry. Several years later he enrolled at 

Louisiana State University where he graduated with a 

Bachelor of Arts in 1990.

In 1992 he married Amy and immediatley made preparations to enter seminary. He graduated from Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary in December of 1995 with a Master of Divinity. After a short stint in Michigan, as a church planter and mission pastor, he re-enrolled at Mid America in pursuit of a Ph.D. Mark graduated in May of 2006 with a Ph.D. in Church History and with minor emphases in Theology and Missiology. 

Mark’s passions include pulpit ministry, church planting, missions, and higher education. He has served as pastor in four different churches. He is currently the Senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Silsbee, Texas.

Regarding missions, since 1986, he has engaged in mission trips to Argentina, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico, Canada, Kenya, Mali and Israel. He has also engaged in numerous domestic mission trips. 

Over the years he has served as an adjunct instructor at Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee, Brookes Bible College in St. Louis, Missouri, and now with the Seminary Extension services with the Southern Baptist Convention.

The churches he has pastored have engaged in direct and indirect church planting in Michigan, Arkansas, Missouri, and now Texas. 

Mark’s greatest joy in life is the wonderful family God has blessed him with. He and his wife Amy have been married for over twenty-five years. They adopted their daughter, Hannah from China. She is now seventeen. Their son James is fifteen. Both of his children confessed Christ at an early age and have been engaged in numerous domestic mission trips. Two years ago he took Hannah on her first international mission trip and she routinely asks about their next opportunity.

Caesarea, March 2018

My faith


I was born June 15, 1962 in Luling, Louisiana which is located approximately 20 miles southwest of New Orleans. My family never went to church. I grew up with no concept of God. The only contact I had with Christianity was Vacation Bible School. I remember attending one VBS before kindergarten. The only memory I have is cookies and Kool-Aid on the back steps of the church. 

After turning nine years old I started experiencing nightly anxiety issues. Night after night I would lay awake in bed and think about growing old and dying. Fear swept over me as I realized that one day I would face something. I didn=t know what it was, but I knew I wasn=t ready for it. This went on for several years.

During the Summer of my thirteenth year my sister invited me and my three brothers to a youth revival. It was the first time I entered a church since VBS. On the first night the evangelist preached the gospel and I knew immediately what I needed to do. As soon as the invitation opened I approached the altar and asked about salvation. A deacon led me to the side of the church and presented the gospel to me. I confessed the Lord Jesus Christ on that spot. 

For the next four years I bounced in and out of church. During my junior year of High School a friend from another church invited me to a youth retreat. The retreat was at Panama City Beach, Florida. It was the first time in my life that I spent a whole week with a group of fellow teenagers who not only knew Jesus, but also lived for Jesus. That week I surrendered my life to the Lordship of Jesus. I believe that I was genuinely saved at thirteen, but no one had ever taught me how to walk with Jesus. However, at this youth retreat God led me to a man who would spend the next three years mentoring me. It absolutely changed my life. 

When I turned eighteen God called and set me apart for His ministry. 

I am very happy to say that my testimony is painfully boring. God has blessed me in so many ways. My whole family is close. Except for my Father, we are all saved. All of my siblings enjoy healthy Christian marriages. Over the years He protected me from drugs, alcohol, and many other vices that affected my generation. I have enjoyed over 20 years of pulpit ministry. My wife and I have been married for over twenty years. We have two beautiful children. Hannah is 17 and was adopted from China. James is 15. He came nine months after we brought Hannah home. 

Life has been amazing God has been good.